White Paper ~ End-To-End System Design: Advantages of an Integrated Tool

AWR Corporation published a new system planning white paper. The AWR white paper outlines the benefits of using a commercial, specialized software program such as Visual System Simulator (VSS) for end-to-end system design, while also embracing legacy approaches with the incorporation of spreadsheet views. The technical paper is available now for AWR.

Architectural tools used by designers of RF and microwave communications systems include budget simulators, spur searching utilities, and frequency planning tools, all of which are often based on spreadsheets or hard-coded algorithms with a non-commercial user interface.

End-To-End System Design: Advantages of an Integrated Tool for Frequency Planning, Budget Analysis and More

System design entails budget planning, frequency planning, and spur searching. While spreadsheets have been used for this purpose for many years and provide some benefits, they cannot integrate all of the tools required to fully evaluate a system. VSS software enables a single system diagram to capture the system topology and system block parameters, leading to a smoother, more productive, and problem-free design flow. It also provides spreadsheet views to complement its graphical user interface, so designers need not abandon this type of presentation. In addition to its system tools, VSS integration with Microwave Office software provides system and circuit designers with a robust method of sharing information at all stages of the system design, from initial architectural decisions through to the prototype phase, reducing the time and materials cost risk of over- or under-engineering.

More information: End-To-End System Design: Advantages of an Integrated Tool (pdf)