Silicon Labs Symbol Model Library for Embedded Systems

Silicon Laboratories launched a web-based library of schematic symbols and printed-circuit board (PCB) footprints. The online symbol library features PCB footprints and schematic symbols that are available for download in a vendor neutral format. The library speeds the development of embedded system applications based on Silicon Labs’ embedded mixed-signal products.

The schematic symbols and PCB footprints can be exported to many computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools using the complimentary Ultra Librarian reader (from Accelerated Designs). The Ultra Librarian software is a free downloadable reader that enables engineers to view the ‘.bxl’ files. It also allows designers to export the symbols and footprints to other CAD tools using the Ultra Librarian software.

Developers can download the reader software to view .bxl symbol and footprint files and generate components and their attributes in virtually any electronic design automation (EDA) CAD/CAE format. Silicon Labs’ standard footprints generated by the reader are based on the IPC-7351 specification. The symbol library supports Silicon Labs’ latest microcontrollers (MCUs) including the Si10xx wireless MCU family, ultra-low-power F99x/F98x devices and capacitive touch-sense MCUs; USB, Ethernet and LCD interface products; and the Si1102/20 proximity and ambient light sensors.

An enhanced version of the Ultra Librarian software is available from Accelerated Designs. The tool enables software models to be modified and auto-generated to meet any user-defined requirement.

More information: Accelerated Designs | Silicon Laboratories