eXtremeDB Data Relay Technology

Data Relay, from McObject, is a technology for fast and flexible data-sharing between real-time applications based on eXtremeDB, and external systems such as an enterprise DBMS. Data Relay simplifies the code that “looks inside” database transactions for changes that should be relayed. It also improves efficiency by eliminating the CPU-intensive task of monitoring database activity. eXtremeDB Data Relay is available now in all versions of McObject’s eXtremeDB Transaction Logging edition.

eXtremeDB Data Relay Highlights

  • Maintains a buffer of eXtremeDB database transactions as they occur
  • For every object affected by a transaction, there is a code within the buffer that indicates whether the operation was an insert, update, or delete
  • Developers can use a familiar database cursor to iterate over objects in the transaction buffer
  • If the change in eXtremeDB is of interest (by the application’s criteria), the changes can be propagated to an Oracle, SQL Server, or other backend DBMS
  • Designed to provide maximum speed
  • Supports asynchronous mode can commit a transaction on eXtremeDB before changes are saved outside the real-time system

Synchronous data-sharing guarantees consistency between eXtremeDB and the external database, but it ties the eXtremeDB in-memory database to the (slower) performance of the external database. In contrast, the asynchronous approach largely sustains eXtremeDB’s natural performance. Synchronous Data Relay mode could be useful when eXtremeDB is employed as a predominantly read-only high speed cache to an RDBMS, with occasional updates. Asynchronous Data Relay mode could be useful for classic real-time applications such as financial systems.

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