30-Day Free Trial of kDiagnostics for Blaze Mobile Development Platform

The Kozio kDiagnostics Design Suite for the Blaze Mobile Development Platform (MDP) is available now for a 30-day free trial. Texas Instruments used kDiagnostics Design Suite to wake-up, test, and manufacture the Blaze. The kDiagnostics Design Suite helps engineers explore and understand the Blaze MDP, verify that it is performing properly and access and control its low-level hardware and high-level functionality. Developers can use Kozio kDiagnostics Design Suite to run diagnostic tests on their hardware using an intuitive graphical user interface.

Kozio kDiagnostics Design Suite for the Texas Instruments (TI) Blaze Mobile Development Platform (MDP)With the Kozio ValidationAssistant GUI, designers can easily browse and run Kozio’s library of diagnostic tests with simple mouse clicks. Engineers can run color bar tests on LCD panels, send images to the DLP Pico projector and HDMI port, view live video from each of the cameras, play sine tones out of the stereo speakers, and record from the digital microphones. As the tests run, they display ongoing status messages, progress bar indicators, interactive dialogues, and clear pass/fail results, all of which can be captured to a log file for later analysis. Users can access online help for all commands and tests with a right-click of the mouse.

ValidationAssistant also gives power users the freedom to directly access Blaze MDP hardware in real-time. For instance, designers can read and write memory, peek and poke hardware registers, control GPIO lines, access I2C devices, and configure power resources by clicking on commands and filling in dialogs. Developers can also create scripts of custom commands using any text editor, and use ValidationAssistant to download and run these scripts immediately. These scripts can perform complex control flow such as looping and conditional branching using the rich programming constructs available through the Kozio kScript language.

ValidationAssistant communicates over a USB cable with the kDiagnostics embedded software that runs directly on the Blaze MDP hardware. The Blaze MDP can boot into the kDiagnostics software directly from a Secure Digital (SD) card-format and activate the SD card, copy the kDiagnostics software onto the card, insert the card into the Blaze MDP, and power up the system.

Info: kDiagnostics Installation Guide for Blaze sEVM4430 (OMAP4430) Platform (pdf)