Mentor Graphics SystemVision SVX Client for NI LabVIEW

The Mentor Graphics SystemVision SVX Client environment for the NI LabVIEW software enables designers to develop test bench against a virtual prototype based upon product’s specifications, and then use the exact same test bench in the NI LabVIEW software on physical prototypes. As a result, test bench development to be done in parallel with system development and prototyping. The combination of SystemVision SVX with LabVIEW provides for continuous product test program development much earlier in the development cycle.

Mentor Graphics SystemVision SVX Client environment for the NI LabVIEW software

SystemVision SVX Highlights

  • Unifying collaboration environment for mechanical, electrical, controls, and software engineers
  • Flexible client-server communication framework that facilitates time-aligned signal transport between a diverse set of client execution engines
  • Out-of-the box client engine support for SystemVision, Simulink, and real-time embedded software clients
  • Discipline-specific, implementation-oriented design language support including VHDL/VHDL-AMS, Spice, Simulink, and C/C++
  • Easy-to-use generator/consumer interface paradigm that abstracts details and protects intellectual property
  • Networked architecture that facilitates distributed collaboration across LAN or WAN infrastructure

The SystemVision SVX environment is a virtual execution environment that connects otherwise isolated, domain-specific modeling and software tools dynamically — at any phase of the design process — over a secure, managed signal channel. Its client-server architecture provides for precise, distributed, time-synchronized interfaces between signal generators and consumers, which are easily placed, as symbols, in graphical tools. In addition, a C/C++ Application Programming Interface (API) makes it easy for application embedded software to interact with models of control systems, multi-physics subsystems, sensors and actuators, and analog and digital electronics.

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