Thermoelectric Assemblies and Modules for Telecommunication Applications

Laird Technologies published another application note titled Thermoelectric Assemblies and Modules for Telecommunication Applications. The application note explains why Thermoelectric Modules (TEMs) and Thermoelectric Assemblies (TEAs) are ideal thermal management solutions for many telecommunication applications such as laser diodes and laser pump diodes, cable television (CATV) laser diodes, avalanche photodiodes (ADPs), GPS backup cellular networks, and Battery Backup Unit (BBU) systems in base stations.

Thermoelectric Assemblies and Modules App Note Summary

Thermal management of telecommunication electronic components and systems is more challenging than ever. Power densities continue to increase, while product form factors continue to shrink. Simple thermal management solutions, such as adding a fan or heat sink, are no longer typically viable to meet required performance and reliability specifications. In today’s complex telecommunication operating environment, TEAs and TEMs are necessary to provide precise temperature control in a variety of modular platforms.

TEAs and TEMs combine special benefits that make them the only effective solution for many telecommunication thermal management applications by offering greater performance, higher reliability, and longer life. Their advanced capabilities are aided by new materials technology, thinner profile modules, and automated assembly.

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