Vector Fabrics vfLabs Previews vfAnalyst Features

Vector Fabrics rolled out vfLabs, which provides access to pre-release versions of vfAnalyst features. The cloud-based tool suite for parallelizing sequential C code gives software engineers an early opportunity to try out new functionality as it is developed. vfLabs enables users to selectively augment the capabilities of the vfAnalyst tool. Over time, features initially provided in vfLabs will migrate out of vfLabs to full production status, being replaced by new features for evaluation. vfLabs will also provide pre-release access to features of future Vector Fabrics tools as they become available. vfLabs is free of charge to vfAnalyst subscribers.

Vector Fabrics vfLabs for vfAnalyst

Current vfLabs Features

  • vfStream library
    This C library provides streaming communication capabilities for synchronizing data between parallel tasks. vfStream supports both FIFO and Windowed FIFO streams (as depicted with a green line in the dependency pane).
  • CPU Skyline view
    This feature adds a skyline view that shows the CPU usage for each invocation. Use the CPU Skyline to track how many CPUs you are using and to balance the load.
  • Execution Schedule view
    This feature adds an Execution Schedule view for partitioned loops in the 1D and 2D profiles. This view displays an ASAP (or eager) execution schedule of the tasks in the partitioned loop. This shows you how the partitioned loop achieves its speedup and what dependencies may limit any further speedup.

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