Express Logic PrismX GUI Development Tools for Embedded Systems

Express Logic introduced PrismX, which is an integration of Blue Water Embedded’s Prism GUI (graphic user interface) development solution with Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS. PrismX graphical interface development tools and libraries are ideal for designing and deploying advanced graphical interfaces on embedded systems. PrismX is delivered with full source code and royalty free, at license prices starting under $10,000.

Express Logic PrismX graphical interface development tools and libraries

PrismX provides everything a developer needs to make GUI visions a reality for embedded devices. The PrismX software includes a graphical library as well as the PrismX Insight desktop GUI design and layout application. PrismX is consists of the PrismX Runtime Framework (full-featured GUI toolkit), PrismX Micro ( GUI toolkit for monochrome to 8-bit color-depth targets), and PrismX Insight (desktop GUI design and resource editing tool). The complete framework and toolset automates the design and deployment of advanced graphical interfaces for embedded systems, incorporating a high-performance graphical drawing library and a GUI widget set.

PrismX is ideal for medical, industrial, office automation and consumer markets where user interfaces play an essential role in device design. Unlike early graphics solutions for embedded systems, PrismX takes advantage of current chip hardware accelerators which have migrated from initial use in high-end gaming systems down into common microprocessors used in embedded systems.

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