Blue Water Embedded Prism GUI Toolkit for Embedded Systems

Blue Water Embedded launched Prism, which is a GUI suite of development tools optimized for embedded systems. Prism offers developers of embedded graphical user interfaces (GUIs) a software solution for creating complex, high-color depth embedded graphic applications. Prism is ideal for automotive, medical, industrial control, office automation and consumer electronics where user interfaces play an essential role in device design. Prism is available now and delivered with full source code and royalty free. Pricing starts at $2,000 for a Prism development-only license.

Blue Water Embedded Prism GUI suite of development tools optimized for embedded systems

Prism consists of the Prism Runtime Framework (a full-featured GUI toolkit), Prism Micro (a GUI toolkit for monochrome to 8-bit color-depth targets), and Prism Insight (a desktop GUI design and resource editing tool). The complete framework and toolset automates the design and deployment of advanced graphical interfaces for embedded systems, incorporating a high-performance graphical drawing library and a GUI widget set.

Prism Runtime Framework’s complete widget set, drawing engine, event manager and screen manager deliver the functionality needed for interactive devices. With these tools, developers can design sophisticated embedded user interfaces with rich animations, screens transitions, alpha blending, anti-aliasing, and canvas transformations. Prism Micro, a variation of Prism Runtime Framework, is tailored to meet the special requirements of cost-constrained, lower color depth targets. Requiring exceptionally low overhead, Prism Micro is very small and easily ported to virtually any hardware configuration capable of supporting graphical output.

The development platform Prism Insight enables developers to design user interface in a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG environment. Incorporating TrueType font technology, the Insight Resource Editor defines buttons, menus, and other widgets so developers can customize screen layout as required. With the Animation Designer, developers can specify screen flows and select from a wide range of built-in or customize screen transition effects and animations. Prism Insight offers a large range of data output formats such as ANSI C/C++ source code, XML screen description files, and binary resource files, enabling developers to tailor output to the requirements and capabilities of target systems.

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