Robotics Summit Virtual Conference and Exposition

The Robotics Summit Virtual Conference and Exposition Series, Autonomy, Navigation, and Mobility Solutions, is available on demand and at no charge. Robotics systems should increasingly be able to move or perform tasks responding to both environmental and internal stimuli without human intervention. This increase in autonomy equates to reduced costs, greater application flexibility and increased functionality.

Robotics Virtual Summit Highlights

  • Exhibit Hall containing 23 exhibit booths featuring robotics technology and services providers showcasing their latest products
  • Resource Center offering downloadable product information and research reports
  • Auditorium featuring keynote addresses and other presentations including:
    • Keynote: Planetary Robotics for Human Exploration, Terry Fong, NASA Ames Research Center
    • Keynote: Rescue Robots: Understanding Autonomy, Mobility and Navigation in Demanding Environments, Robin Murphy, Texas A&M
    • Accelerating Robot Programming Using Robot Software Building Blocks, Paul Perrone, Perrone Robotics
    • Applying Intelligent Behaviors to Multiple Missions and Robots, David Bruemmer, 5D Robotics
    • Autonomy, Navigation and Reconfigurable Mobility, Shelley Gretlein, National Instruments
    • Commercializing Autonomous Robots: A Whole Product Perspective, Aldo Zini, Aethon
    • Driving Autonomous Robot Applications to Market, Jeanne Dietsch, MobileRobots
    • Dual Arm Manipulation and Control, Erik Nieves, Technology Director, Motoman, Inc.
    • Opportunities in Autonomy, Dan Kara, Robotics Trends
    • Playing with Player, Kevin Sikorski, Robotics Architect, Coroware Technologies, Inc.

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