Mentor Embedded Linux Development Platform

Mentor Embedded launched their first commercial Linux platform, Mentor Embedded Linux. The RTOS is a result of Mentor Graphics’ acquisition of Embedded Alley, the alliance between Freescale Semiconductor and Mentor Graphics, and a similar alliance with NetLogic Microsystems. Mentor Embedded Linux enables developers to design customized applications, fully compatible with open source packages, with no vendor lock-in and greater reliability while accelerating overall design development time. The platform provides comprehensive open source Linux software, tools, and maintenance and support.

Mentor Embedded Linux platform

The Mentor Embedded Linux platform currently supports the QorIQ P4080 and P2020 multicore processors and PowerQUICC 8572 and 8377 communication processors, with planned support for Freescale’s newly announced low-power QorIQ P3041processor and the new high-performance 64-bit e5500 platform, including the QorIQ P5020 dual-core and P5010 single core processors. The Mentor Embedded Linux platform will be compatible with Freescale’s 32-bit and 64-bit processors.

The Mentor Embedded Linux platform is a fully integrated, vendor-independent solution to help project teams move seamlessly from prototyping on reference hardware to custom-designed hardware running on commercial Linux and advanced development tools. The Mentor Embedded Linux platform also helps Freescale customers develop more reliable applications in a shorter amount of time.

The main components of the Mentor Embedded Linux platform include Mentor Embedded System Builder and Mentor Embedded EDGE technologies. System Builder is a powerful and flexible build engine providing the system developer with an easy out-of-the-box experience while providing virtually any type of platform customization. The EDGE technology is built upon the Eclipse platform, providing a familiar user interface enhanced by Mentor-created plug-ins. When coupled with Mentor’s debug engine and target agent, it provides a platform for a compelling multicore, multi-OS debug experience for bare metal, kernel, device drivers and applications all through a single connection.

The Mentor Embedded Linux platform also delivers tested and proven commercial quality tool chains, precompiled runtime binaries, maintenance, and support. The System Builder technology produces an Application Developer Kit (ADK), which can be used by application developers either integrated with EDGE IDE or directly from the command line.

More information: Mentor Embedded Linux Development Platform (pdf)