Aldec Riviera-PRO 2010.06 RTL and Gate-level Simulator

Aldec introduced Riviera-PRO 2010.06 RTL and gate-level simulator. Riviera-PRO 2010.06 supports the Open Verification Methodology (OVM) co-authored by Cadence (NASDAQ:CDNS) and the early release of the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) from Accellera. OVM and UVM provide common building blocks and predefined mechanisms for building reusable and expandable test environments that take full advantage of SystemVerilog verification capabilities. Riviera-PRO 2010.06 verification platform is available now.

Riviera-PRO 2010.06 Highlights

  • Supports OVM 2.1.1 and UVM 1.0 libraries
  • Assertions, Cover Statements, SVA Assertions and PSL in HDL and Waveform
  • Code Coverage included
  • Advanced Debugging to the signal level included
  • SystemC included
  • Co-system design and co-simulation interface to MATLAB and Simulink included
  • 1 Mixed language license can be used as 2 Single Design language licenses
  • 1 year maintenance included

Riviera-PRO 2010.06 provides a pre-compiled OVM library and SystemVerilog simulator to help engineers take advantage of the design verification methodology to meet the challenge of verifying complex designs. OVM has reached a level of maturity and stability and is the basis for the UVM assuring the long-term popularity and resulting in an increased support demand in a wide variety of tools.

Users of different levels of expertise can rely on OVM to quickly build up a layered, coverage driven, transaction-level verification environment that can be reused across different designs and different platforms. Verification engineers will appreciate the flexibility OVM gives them and hardware designers will be satisfied that they can do advanced verification without going through advanced SystemVerilog training.

Riviera-PRO supports the advanced verification methodologies, such as ESL, TLM, and Assertion-based verification. The verification platform includes advanced debugging tools, code coverage and a performance waveform toolset. Riviera-PRO is a multi-platform simulator, supporting 32 and 64 bit CPU architecture, Windows 7, Vista and XP and Linux.

More information: Aldec