Freescale CodeWarrior Development Studio for Microcontrollers v10.0

Freescale Semiconductor introduced CodeWarrior 10.0 integrated development environment (IDE). CodeWarrior 10 IDE is based on open-source Eclipse technology. CodeWarrior is a tool suite for code development, debug and test when designing with Freescale’s extensive range of microcontroller (MCU) and microprocessor (MPU) solutions.

CodeWarrior 10 tool suite is available in three different suites: CodeWarrior Development Studio for MCUs version 10.0 (pre-release available today, production release expected to be available July 16, 2010), CodeWarrior Development Studio for StarCore version 10.0 (available now), and CodeWarrior Development Studio for Power Architecture Technology version 10.0 (expected to be available Q1 2011).

The CodeWarrior Development Studio for MCUs version 10.0 integrates development tools for the RS08, HCS08, ColdFire and ColdFire+ architectures into a single product. With Processor Expert, a rapid application development tool with a graphical user interface, automatic code generator and built-in knowledge base, customers can generate peripheral code and low level drivers to bring up their boards quickly and error-free.

CodeWarrior Development Studio for MCUs v10.0 Features

  • Processor Expert software modeling tool, the leading rapid application development tool, helps resolve problems in the hardware layer during the initial design phase
  • MCU Change Wizard allows for re-targeting to an entirely new device in six clicks
  • LiveView provides the ability to monitor registers, memory and global variables without stopping the processor
  • Trace and profile support for on-chip trace buffers offers a sophisticated emulator-like debug capability without additional hardware
  • CodeWarrior architecture-specific compilers leverage aggressive optimization options that help to eliminate the need to spend valuable time hand-tuning applications for maximum performance

More information: CodeWarrior Development Studio for Microcontrollers v10.0