XpoLog Center V4.2 Log Analysis Platform

XpoLog Center 4.2 is an enterprise log analysis platform that accelerates root cause analysis and application problem isolation by over 70%. With XpoLog Center 4.2, applications, production, support and development teams can proactively analyze and troubleshoot multi-tier applications across multiple physical and virtual servers, automatically creating system reports throughout an application’s life cycle for visibility into the root cause of performance problems and other application faults.

XpoLog Center 4.2 Highlights

  • Search logs and problems across all servers from XpoLog
  • Quickly navigate on live application logs, data and server metrics
  • Accelerate support with automatic problem discovery and search
  • Enterprise log management and log analysis platform
  • Log viewer, log search engine, monitoring, reports

In reactive mode, XpoLog Center 4.2 searches for application faults in specific transaction and identification sessions, as well as by user, IP and other identifiers across the data center. The solution also auto detects application problems logged during execution, further speeding the analysis process.

XpoLog Center 4.2 seamlessly integrates to J2EE and web servers and custom built, in-house solutions.

XpoLog Center 4.2 automates the problem investigation and discovery process, using a full-featured, ‘Google-like’ search engine that delivers lightning fast navigation with any log or metric in complex IT environments. The problem analysis console automatically highlights such issues as Java exceptions, error codes, anomalies and customizable application performance rules.

More information: XpoLog Center Downloads