Synopsys Rapid3D Technology for StarRC Custom 3D Extraction

Rapid3D technology is a new 3D fast field solver engine fully integrated into Synopsys’ StarRC Custom parasitic extraction solution. Rapid3D technology features attofarad accuracy and significant speedup by incorporating the latest advancements in 3D field solver algorithms. These algorithms take full advantage of modern multicore hardware to solve the accuracy and runtime challenges of sub-45-nanometer (nm) extraction for custom IC design and IP characterization.

Rapid3D technology is embedded as a standard feature in StarRC Custom. It provides designers with parasitic modeling and standard interfaces to achieve silicon accuracy and improved productivity. The advanced Rapid3D algorithms have resulted in 20X runtime improvement in single processor core performance. In addition, Rapid3D technology has demonstrated near-linear multicore scalability, with up to an additional 54X boost in performance on 64 cores. The multicore technology takes advantage of optimized multi-threading to maximize throughput, even on memory-constrained compute resources.

StarRC Custom Rapid3D technology enables designers to achieve faster 3D extraction and empowers them to accelerate overall design turnaround time through productivity links with Synopsys’ technology-leading implementation, simulation and analysis solutions. These include integration with the Galaxy Custom Designer solution for in-design 3D extraction, optimized links with the CustomSim simulator for high-performance and high-accuracy simulation of memory and SoC custom designs, and an interface with the NanoTime transistor-level timing analysis solution for signal integrity signoff of custom digital circuits.

Synopsys’ Rapid3D technology also seamlessly connects with the new Liberty NCX solution to speed up the development of more accurate, compact and performance-efficient libraries for Galaxy implementation and signoff tools, including the PrimeTime static timing analysis suite.

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