LAVIS Layout Visualization Platform, Version 10

TOOL Corporation rolled out version 10 of their LAVIS layout visualization tool. LAVIS v10 features a route trace function that makes it possible to display timing information and easily and visually check the clock tree and other elements. The node tracing function, which allows wire width, inter-node spacing, and other rule checks to be made on a traced node, has been improved as well. LAVIS is a high speed layout visualization platform that supports large data and multiple file formats.

LAVIS Layout Visualization Platform v10 Features

  • Addition of the Route Trace Function
    The new “Route Trace function” has been incorporated that allows efficient route tracing from a specified component in LEF/DEF data. This function is very useful in checking a route that has caused a timing violation as well as in narrowing down routes to find the faulty one.

  • Expansion of the Node Tracing Function
    As part of the node tracing function, a new function has been added that auto-matically detects a location where the resistance becomes high at the contact connection point. This function makes it easy to check whether the resistance assumed as an electrical characteristic is realized at a contact point.

  • Expansion of the Width/Spacing Measurement Functions
    The measurement function automatically judges whether figures are present or not at measured points, enabling measurement results to be output in a way that distinguishes between L and S. Also, at the request of the customer, an optional function can be offered separately that automatically measures the width and spacing of multiple locations based on given coordinates.

More information: TOOL Corporation