Extreme DA GoldTime for Altos Variety and Liberate Models

Altos Design Automation and Extreme DA developed a signal-integrity (SI) design flow for integrated circuit (IC) designs manufactured at process nodes of 65-nanometers (nm) and below. Extreme DA GoldTime for use with Altos Variety and Liberate models is available now from Extreme DA. Pricing varies depending on configuration. Altos Variety and Liberate approved libraries for Extreme DA GoldTime are available now from Altos.

A signal-integrity noise-aware design flow is required for effectively managing the crosstalk delay and glitch noise found in the dense and complex ICs manufactured in current nanometer-scale silicon technology nodes. The SI-aware flow, featuring advanced current source models (CCS), enables designers to accurately account for these noise effects. It eliminates the need for designers to use separate analysis tools and proprietary noise models that require lengthy characterization.

The accuracy of the underlying cell library used by GoldTime to predict the effects of crosstalk delay and glitch noise on a design’s timing and yield is essential for success. The development of this verified flow has qualified Altos as an Extreme DA-approved source for the SI-aware libraries required by GoldTime.

Altos Liberate is an ultra-fast standard cell and I/O library creator. It generates electrical cell views for timing, power and signal integrity including advanced current source models (CCS and ECSM). Each cell undergoes a pre-characterization circuit analysis that determines all the necessary stimulus and internal logic states to ensure a complete, accurate and highly efficient characterization of that cell. Liberate supports complex cells including those required for low power design such as state retention flip-flops, level shifters, power switches and MTCMOS cells with sleep modes.

Extreme DA GoldTime is a timing analysis technology that delivers 5X better speed and capacity. Designers can sign-off with certainty and achieve faster timing closure.

More information: Extreme DA | Altos Design Automation