Mentor Graphics Calibre xACT 3D Field Solver for Parasitic Extraction

Mentor Graphics launched Calibre xACT 3D for parasitic RC extraction. Calibre xACT 3D is a solution for high-accuracy, transistor-level extraction. The tool combines a deterministic field solver with traditional, rule-based production extraction tools. It is a complete parasitic extraction solution with deterministic field solver accuracy, process variation modeling, electrically aware reduction, and industry-standard netlist formats, all within the design environment. Calibre xACT 3D is available now.

Mentor Graphics Calibre xACT 3D Features

  • High-accuracy deterministic field-solver
  • Accelerated performance
  • Scalable multi-CPU performance
  • Full integration into popular design flows
  • Foundry rule decks
  • Calibre nmLVS integration
  • Process variation modeling
  • Context-sensitive device extraction

The Calibre xACT 3D product is a field solver extraction solution with error less than 3%. It features a deterministic field solver built on software algorithms to accurately calculate parasitic effects at speeds up to an order of magnitude faster than existing field solvers. Calibre xACT 3D implementation scales linearly, so engineers can add multiple CPUs to achieve turn-around times that were previously only available with less accurate rule-based methods. The Calibre xACT 3D tool accurately and efficiently models advanced process effects and process variation, and handles both flat and hierarchical designs for full chips, or selected blocks and nets. In contrast to other field solvers that use Monte-Carlo based methods, the Calibre xACT 3D engine employs deterministic techniques that produce consistent results for total and coupling capacitances without the statistical outliers that can be a problem with Monte Carlo approaches.

The Calibre xACT 3D product is a complete extraction solution. It performs device decomposition, geometry pre-processing, parasitic modeling, reduction and net-listing steps, making it completely compatible with existing verification and simulation flows. It works intimately with Calibre nmLVS and includes engines for resistance and (optionally) inductance modeling in addition to the 3D field solver for capacitance.

Calibre xACT 3D can reuse existing Calibre xRC and Calibre nmLVS rule decks with only minor updates, and it shares the same Calibre results database as other Calibre tools for higher productivity and reliability. It is also integrated with the Calibre layout editor GUI, debugger, and net-listers. Designers can use the Calibre xACT 3D and xRC tools together, loading runs for both tools into the Calibre results database if desired. Because it is also integrated with Calibre DFM tools, such as Calibre LFD and Calibre CMPAnalyzer, the Calibre xACT 3D product can also provide data for variability analysis to account for distortions that occur during the manufacturing process, which further improves modeling accuracy.

More information: Calibre xACT 3D Field Solver for Parasitic Extraction (pdf)