Vennsa Technologies OnPoint Verification Tool for Automated Debugging

Vennsa Technologies introduced OnPoint verification tool for automated debugging. OnPoint automates the manual root cause analysis performed by verification engineers once a functional failure occurs. It picks up where simulation and formal verification tools leave off by automatically analyzing the problem and pointing to the exact lines of code where the failure can be fixed. This error localization process is performed with no intervention by the engineer.

Vennsa Technologies OnPoint verification tool for automated debugging

Vennsa OnPoint Features

  • Reduces debugging time by weeks or months
  • Increases verification efficiency of engineers
  • Reduces timing uncertainties due to hard to find bugs
  • Accelerates correction process by providing hints
  • Provides instant insight into unfamiliar RTL and third party IP

OnPoint is a root cause analysis tool that locates the source of failures at the register transfer level (RTL) in assertions and stimulus with no user interference. It is based on scientific technology that spans over a decade. Once verification fails, OnPoint reads the design and the counter example from the verification tool to automatically return the root cause of errors.

OnPoint can also assist with debugging by fixing waveforms with insight on what correction is required and the exact cycles where the error is active during simulation. OnPoint can find all types of functional bugs in the RTL code, assertion or assumptions, including conceptual or high-level errors; state transition bugs; bugs in assertions, assumptions and constraints; incorrect assignments; wrong operations; wrong if/case conditions problems with module instantiation; or bad module wiring.

Vennsa OnPoint supports the Verilog hardware description language, SystemVerilog, SystemVerilog Assertions, the property specification language (PSL) and the Open Verification Library (OVL). It runs on the Linux operating system.

OnPoint has been adopted by leading semiconductor companies in Japan and is being evaluated at several U.S. and Asian companies. In early evaluations, design teams confirmed that it can slash the manual debugging effort by weeks or even months.

More information: Vennsa OnPoint