Numetrics IC Project Analyzer

IC Project Analyzer (ICPA), from Numetrics, is a tool for semiconductor product development teams that calculates schedule risk of newly planned IC projects and benchmarks performance of completed projects against the industry. IC Project Analyzer is based on the same core technology and industry database in Numetrics’ NMX-ERP tool suite that semiconductor and electronics companies use to plan and benchmark their IC and embedded software projects. ICPA is available as software-as-a-service (SaaS). For a limited time, the tool can be used free of charge.

IC Project Analyzer enables engineering teams to assess the complexity of a semiconductor project being planned and to benchmark the execution assumptions of project plan to determine schedule risk. Managers can benchmark a recently completed (or nearly completed) project to assess the team’s performance against the industry.

Using IC Project Analyzer, engineering managers input their project’s staffing level plus the key chip design parameters that quantify their design’s complexity. Then, depending on the project’s stage within its lifecycle, the software either benchmarks the execution assumptions of the project’s plan or, if nearing completion, benchmarks how the team performed.

IC Project Analyzer uses the same statistical modeling methods found in NMX-ERP to produce accuracy with a limited amount of design information. It automatically generates the key results managers need to determine plan risk or performance achieved. Pricing for NMX-ERP starts at $7,995 per project and can be applied throughout the project lifecycle, from concept to release to production.

More information: IC Project Analyzer (ICPA)