Jasper Design Automation ActiveDesign 2.0 and JasperGold 7.0

Jasper Design Automation launched ActiveDesign version 2.0 and JasperGold version 7.0. The new versions share a common, persistent knowledge base. ActiveDesign and JasperGold work synergistically. Designers using ActiveDesign explore blocks, waveforms and their key behaviors, creating and archiving important information. ActiveDesign can then export properties (asserts, assumes, covers, in SVA and PSL) for transfer to other designers or verification teams using JasperGold.

Jasper’s ActiveDesign with Behavioral Indexing enables users to design, modify, and verify RTL code, then store it in a persistent database containing both the RTL itself and an index of its elastic behaviors. This information is shared with the JasperGold verification team, facilitating increased collaboration between groups. Benefits are unity among multiple design groups and verification teams, a reduction in information demand on designers, acceleration of verification, and increased IP reuse since design behaviors are now archived and easily accessible.

In addition to the new unified design-to-verification flow, Jasper has added several new capabilities to its tools to increase rapid adoption, high-level verification acceleration, and increased ROI for formal verification users.

ActiveDesign Version 2.0

  • Ability to share information with JasperGold
  • EasyStart automates the identification of clocks and resets so designers can explore new RTL blocks faster
  • AutoExplore examines behaviors of interest by displaying contributing causes and paths back through the design to show causality
  • With concurrent modification, different designers can work on the same code while an intelligent management system prevents overwriting
  • Hierarchical design support lets an RTL block be instantiated repeatedly at different levels in the design to efficiently deal with complexity
  • Parallelization feature distributes ActiveDesign across multiple platforms for increased throughput

JasperGold/JasperCore Version 7.0

  • 50% higher performance and capacity
  • New engine technology and modeling abstractions
  • ProofGrid and new ProofGrid Manager support user-controlled and distributed proof engines to reduce the time needed to reach full proofs
  • New management capability accelerates convergence of deep formal proofs, leveraging Jasper’s design-space tunneling and promoting both proactive and after-the-fact RTL tree exploration of design complexity
  • Enhanced handling of formal verification tasks such as X-propagation, multi-cycle path analysis, clock domain crossing (CDC)
  • Certification of the latest protocols such as DFI and AMBA 4 (enabled by Jasper Proof Kits)

More information: Jasper Design Automation