JTAG ProVision v1.8 Boundary Scan Tool

JTAG Technologies introduced JTAG ProVisionT V1.8 boundary-scan tool. The ProVision development and hardware debug tool combines advanced automation with the level of control and precision that engineers demand when creating test programs and in-system programming (ISP) routines for PLDs, FPGAs, flash memories, serial PROMs, and other devices.

JTAG ProVision boundary-scan tool - ActiveTest for cluster test generation

The latest version of JTAG ProVision is fully compatible with prior “Classic” development tools and with all of JTAG Technologies’ production systems. In addition, the latest release of JTAG ProVision is available free of charge to customers with valid maintenance contracts.

ProVision V1.8 Enhancements

  • New pin-level ActiveTest – an interactive cluster test generator
  • Enhanced NAND flash ISP program generator
  • Buzz – the quick and easy continuity test module for checking hidden open circuits
  • Built-in test debug capabilities for Symphony supported In-Circuit Testers and Flying-Probe Testers
  • Support for private and seldom-used JTAG instructions with the JFT (Python) script routines
  • Multi-board and scan bridge support for JFT(Python) script routines
  • Expanded ProVision model library (models for over 7,500 non-boundary-scan device families, covering over 78,000 different devices)

More information: JTAG Technologies