Docea Power Aceplorer 2.0 and AcePowerModeler

Docea Power introduced Aceplorer 2.0 and AcePowerModeler. Aceplorer is a system-level power and thermal modeling tool. AcePowerModeler is a power model generator tool that closes the loop between implementation and architectural modeling by automating the creation of power models from lower level simulation and characterization data. Aceplorer 2.0 is available now. AcePowerModeler is available now for select customers, and will be released in Q4. It can be used with Aceplorer or stand alone.

Aceplorer 2.0
Aceplorer enables architects and design managers to explore choices early in the design cycle, where decisions have the highest impact on power consumption and thermal behavior. Aceplorer 2.0 features new project management capabilities to boost productivity and a link to virtual platforms to assess the impact of complex scenarios and embedded software on a system’s power consumption. The links to virtual platforms to allow the import of traces describing the activity in standard VCD (Value Change Dump) format. With this link, architects can continue to optimize the performance of designs on their current flow, and have the possibility to measure the impact of complex scenarios and embedded software on the power consumption of their design’s architecture. Since the VCD output format is a standard, Aceplorer can now be used in combination with any performance analysis flow.

AcePowerModeler automates the generation of power models from power figures and tables extracted from low level descriptions and from measurements. These models can be re-used by architects at a higher abstraction level for much faster simulations allowing architectural exploration and optimization with no loss of accuracy.

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