Virage Logic Expanded Audio Codecs

Virage Logic has expanded their suite of certified, fully-optimized audio codecs. The codecs are available for the AS 211SFX with dual MAC (Multiplier/Accumulator) and have been fully certified and thoroughly tested. Virage Logic’s Sound-to-Silicon audio solution is a complete hardware and software offering that includes the AS 211SFX, an extensive codec portfolio, the Media Streaming Framework, and the Sonic Focus audio post processing software. The audio codecs are delivered as source code and are developed and supported by Virage Logic.

Each codec is fully optimized for small code and data size, low power, low memory bandwidth operation and is tolerant to high memory access latencies. The codecs adhere to the standards, are error resilient, never lock up, and encode and decode high quality audio. Full source code is provided for all of the codecs to ease integration into a user’s existing SoC architecture and allow further differentiation. Each codec comes with a test-harness that enables them to run out of the box on an FPGA, a simulator or in silicon. Virage Logic also provides cycle-accurate simulation models so users can quickly analyze performance in their respective SoC environment, and the Media Streaming Framework, a light-weight streaming-based framework with a unified API that allows users to rapidly implement multi-codec and complex audio-processing use cases while retaining a modular design.

Virage Logic’s Expanded Audio Codec Offering

  • ARC aacPlus v1, v2 Decoder
  • ARC AMR NB Encoder and Decoder
  • ARC AMR WB Decoder
  • ARC AMR WB Encoder
  • ARC AMR WB+ Decoder
  • ARC Dolby Digital (AC-3) Decoder
  • ARC Dolby Digital (AC-3) Encoder
  • ARC Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3) Decoder
  • ARC FLAC Decoder
  • ARC G.726 Encoder and Decoder
  • ARC LC SBC Encoder and Decoder
  • ARC Monkey’s Audio Decoder
  • ARC MP3 LP Decoder
  • ARC MPEG-4 AAC-LC Decoder
  • ARC MPEG-4 AAC-LC Encoder
  • ARC Vorbis Decoder
  • ARC Windows Media Audio 9/10 Pro Decoder

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