Sapient Systems Sapient-IC for IC Design Management

Sapient Systems launched Sapient-IC product-management software. Sapient-IC is the first product to collect data from every organizational level and offer real-time what-if analyses to management. With one mouse click, key decision makers can get a comprehensive view of how each choice impacts their design and bottom line. Sapient-IC is currently available free of charge on a trial basis. The commercial version is now shipping and is priced at U.S. $4,999.

Sapient Systems Sapient-IC Features

  • Integrated Data Platform to aggregate, manage and synchronize all data from product marketing, product and design management, and budgeting
  • Over 1000+ analytics to forecast and evaluate the IC product strategy
  • One-click what-if analysis to guardband and manage risk against growing die size or schedule slips and the impact on product financials
  • A web-based Dashboard for executive review

Sapient-IC is a collaborative software tool that runs on a Windows platform, providing data-driven insights to direct, optimize, plan and manage all aspects of the IC product lifecycle – from market research and product definition, to design implementation and product launch. The integrated platform encompasses data integration and predictive analytics to evaluate target market size, requirements, schedules leading to accurate product planning, and alignment to strategic and financial business objectives such as market share, profit margins, ROI and breakeven analysis.

More information: Sapient Systems