Real Intent Meridian DFT

Real Intent announced Meridian DFT for improving electronic design quality. Meridian DFT indentifies trouble spots during RTL creation. Meridian DFT checks the pre- and post-synthesis RTL for testability and DFT-related implementation errors. Meridian DFT will be available in Q3 2010.

Meridian DFT identifies DFT trouble spots to allow designers to optimize testability during Register Transfer Level (RTL) creation, when the design impact is the greatest and the cost of modification is the lowest. It offers what-if analysis for DFT trade-offs and predicts Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG) coverage of stuck-at and at-speed tests. Meridian DFT is designed to work with any ATPG or synthesis tool. It helps designers achieve high test quality and fault coverage at the RTL.

More information: Real Intent Meridian