Fusion Embedded VoIP Gateway and Terminal Adapter Reference Design

Unicoi Systems introduced the Fusion Embedded reference designs for radio over IP (RoIP) applications. The common functionality between RoIP and VoIP applications makes Fusion Embedded VoIP reference designs ideal solutions for engineers designing RoIP devices. The Fusion Embedded VoIP Gateway and Terminal Adapter reference designs provide low power SIP voice processing within a secure jumpstart platform for integrating new or legacy devices into an IP network.

The Fusion Embedded VoIP Gateway reference design combines voice and data capabilities to enable customer devices to simultaneously support and manage high-volume, prioritized voice traffic and high-speed data service on IP networks. The Fusion Embedded Terminal Adapter reference design is a turnkey solution for easily converting existing analog-based telephony devices into VoIP clients. The Fusion Embedded VoIP reference designs shorten development cycles for manufacturers of new and currently deployed products without compromising power management requirements.

Fusion Embedded RoIP Reference Design Highlights

  • Source code included
  • Sample schematics and data files
  • Low cost BOM
  • SIP compliant design
  • Easy to customize for market differentiation
  • Support for the many voice codecs
  • Web-based UI for configuration and administration
  • Convenient software upgrade capability

More info: Unicoi Systems Fusion Embedded Reference Designs