RapiTime v2.3 for Real-time, Embedded Applications

Rapita Systems launched RapiTime v2.3 for real-time, embedded applications. RapiTime is an automated performance measurement and timing analysis tool. RapiTime provides code coverage metrics, performance measurement, determination of worst-case execution time, and guidance for optimization. RapiTime v2.3 features a debug support facility which will enables developers to follow execution forwards and backwards through recorded traces of embedded real-time applications.

Rapita Systems RapiTime v2.3 Features

  • Rewind debugging facility gives designers the ability to move backwards and forwards through source code.
  • The opportunity to run coverage without timing analysis.
  • Improvements in how RapiTime handles the analysis of function pointers and RTOS tasks.
  • Function pointers with no annotations. Function pointers previously required manual annotations. The new software automates the job of providing function pointer annotations for engineers.
  • Roots as loops, not functions. A lot of embedded code uses a loop as the top-level function for each thread/process. Examples include DEOS, VxWorks and Lynx OS.
  • Inserting ASL tags. Developers can add local annotations without modifying the source code. This keeps the source code clean.
  • Covparser: Coverage only analysis. It may be desirable to run coverage-only analysis at certain times. RapiTime now supports coverage-only analysis where data requirements are considerably lower.

More information: Rapita Systems