Forte Design Systems Cynthesizer Ultra

Cynthesizer Ultra, from Forte Design Systems, is a high-level SystemC synthesis software tightly integrated with their CellMath product family. Cynthesizer and Cynthesizer Ultra are shipping now. Cynthesizer comes standard with Forte’s transaction level modeling (TLM) synthesis capability, complete memory generation subsystem, fixed-point support and streaming interface IP. Cynthesizer Ultra adds the CellMath datapath optimizer and floating-point support. U.S. pricing starts at $275,000. Cynthesizer’s Partitioning and Interface Generator features start at $40,000 (U.S.) as an add-on to Cynthesizer.

Forte Design Systems Cynthesizer Ultra

Cynthesizer Ultra Overview

  • Forte’s CellMath technology and patented intellectual property (IP) offers improved quality of results by creating better datapath components. Integrating Cynthesizer with CellMath Designer datapath optimization and CellMath intellectual property (IP) gives design teams a way to create better designs using more optimized building blocks faster.

  • Cynthesizer Ultra uses CellMath Designer as an embedded datapath optimization capability to create datapath components as needed for use in the high-level synthesis process. These products work together to perform automated design-space exploration that will search for the best set of components for each individual design. With these techniques, Cynthesizer Ultra improves power consumption and timing, and reduces area by up to 40% compared to previous versions.

  • Cynthesizer Ultra adds access to the CellMath IP library including advanced, floating point functional units used by leading-edge graphics companies. This IP can be accessed directly from SystemC through an automated flow.

More information: Forte Design Systems