XMOS Development Tools v10.4

The 10.4 release of XMOS Development Tools includes the XMOS Timing Analyzer (XTA) for accelerating the design of embedded applications and simplifies performance optimization. The XMOS Timing Analyzer ensures timing of real-time system functions such as control and DSP algorithms. Using XCore processors, functions traditionally implemented in hardware, such as I/O interfaces, can be implemented entirely in software and timed. XTA makes it fast and simple to ensure that embedded software meets timing requirements. XTA is available now for free as part of the XMOS Development Tools 10.4 release.

XTA is based on the fully deterministic instruction execution of XCore processors. XMOS Timing Analyzer guarantees exact timing of software execution by examining object code. The time in which a program section must execute can be specified interactively in the GUI or as code assertions. If XTA detects that the program section cannot execute within the specified time, it provides immediate feedback that lets the developer identify the code that needs optimization. This significantly shortens and simplifies the development process. XTA can also be used to determine the minimum processor speed needed to meet timing requirements, supporting power optimization.

XMOS Development Tools

XMOS Development Tools 10.4 Features

  • Integrated timing analyzer tool (XTA) for fast and accurate timing closure throughout the development cycle
  • Binary viewer for visualizing the memory and resources used by the program
  • Flash programming support for in-field upgrades and multiple boot images for any SPI flash device
  • Support for booting programs encrypted on flash for multi-core devices such as the XMOS XS1-L2
  • XMOS Tools User Guide, now provides installation instructions, a quick start guide, tutorials, in-depth documentation for field upgrades and secure booting, a command-line usage guide and a complete set of reference material

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