EB Assist ADTF Tool for Driver Assistance Development

EB (Elektrobit) introduced EB Assist ADTF (Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework) modular development framework. EB Assist ADTF accelerates the software development process of driver assistance systems. EB Assist ADTF enables the synchronous collection of relevant sensor data and bus signals (LIN, CAN, FlexRay, MOST), and can replay them in real time. As a result, software functions can be evaluated and validated in near-real time. EB Assist ADTF can display results both in the vehicle and in the laboratory.

Elektrobit EB Assist ADTF Tool for Driver Assistance Development

EB Assist ADTF Overview

  • µCom Architecture
  • Extendible by user-defined filters and data types
  • GUI and Shell Interface
    • Flexible and comfortable configuration
    • Batch processing of huge data sets for testing and verification
  • Global Time Information via clock service
  • Synchronous real-time data recording, streaming and playback
  • Graph-based modelling of signal flow (drag and drop)
  • ADTF Plugin SDK
    • Samples and base classes for filter and plug-in development
    • C++ interface
  • ADTF Dat Tools
    • Data conversion, data export and preparation
  • Supported Operating Systems
    • Windows 2000 and Windows XP
    • Linux (Ubuntu > 7.04, OpenSuSE > 10.3)
  • Supported Hardware
    • CAN: Vector CANCards, IXXAT and Peak CAN Device
    • Interpretation of CAN with dbc-Files (CAN Config Codec)
    • FlexRay: Vector VN3300, 3600, 7600, TZM FlexCard, EB 6100
    • MOST: Vector VN2610, SMSC Optolyzer
    • Ethernet Device UDP/ TCP
    • Video: Direct Show Device
    • Video4Linux Capture Device
    • Audio Capture and Playback Device
    • ALSA Audio Capture and Playback Device

More information: Elektrobit EB Assist ADTF