Excel Software WinA&D 6.1

Excel Software rolled out WinA&D 6.1 tool to model systems, design software and generate code for SQL, C++, C#, Ada, Java, PHP, REALbasic and other programming languages. It includes integrated requirements management, scriptable report generation, diagram generation from code and distributed team development. WinA&D 6.1 features UML 2.2 support, data flow diagrams, scriptable reports, class models, and code generation. Developers can model a REALbasic project with a UML class diagram, then generate or view source code with one click. The Standard edition is $495, Desktop edition $1195 and Developer edition $1995.

WinA&D 6.1 Highlights

  • Enables software designers to draw the 14 major diagram types specified by UML 2.2 (including Component, Component Structure and Timing diagrams)
  • Timing diagram can show object states with multiple state lines or shaded areas
  • Diagrams may contain component objects, classes with ports and required or provided interfaces using ball and socket notation
  • Sequence diagrams can include interaction frames with conditional regions
  • Data flow diagrams have been enhanced to allow links to external child diagrams
  • A process on one diagram can link to a child diagram in a different document
  • Data flow names can be drawn horizontal or vertical on a diagram with the name coming from the Flow Properties dialog or as a composite list from the dictionary entry
  • The integrated report generator allows a script to run commands and make dialog selections
  • Runs on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
  • Single User or Site License

More information: Excel Software WinA&D