VSIDE Integrated Development Environment for VSDSP DSP Family

VLSI Solution introduced the VSIDE integrated development environment for the V16/40-bit VSDSP digital signal processor family. VSIDE offers a complete set of development utilities, including an optimizing ANSI-C compiler, assembler, linker, and profiler. All programs are integrated into a simple-to-use, easy-to-learn package running on a PC / Windows XP or Vista platform.

VSDSP Application Development Environment

  • VFull-featured application development suite for VSDSP signal processors
  • Familiar, user-friendly interface
  • Several sample projects to build upon
  • A complete set of utilities, including ANSI-C compiler, assembler, linker, profiler
  • Supports emulator-based debugging using real hardware
  • Easy to get started, yet powerful and flexible

VSIDE supports emulator-based debugging using real hardware. It also contains several example projects to help users get easily started. The beta version of the tool has been successfully used in the development of many audio products such as echo cancellation for Skype phone and pitch shifting of the audio source for a portable karaoke product.

VSIDE currently supports VLSI Solution’s audio codec chip VS1053 as well as VLSI’s all-new digital signal processor circuit VS8053. Support for the low cost VS1000 audio system chip will be added by Q1/2011. VLSI Solution’s current programming examples will gradually be ported to VSIDE.

More information: VLSI Solution