AWR iFilter for Synthesis of Lumped-Element and Distributed Filters

AWR introduced their iFilter technology for synthesis of lumped-element and distributed filters. The module plugs directly into the Microwave Office design environment and is integrated as a wizard within the AWR Design Environment (AWRDE). iFilter is an optional module for Microwave Office software and is available for either lumped-element filter only or for distributed and lumped-element filter synthesis with the 2010 release of AWR Design Environment.

AWR iFilter technology for synthesis of lumped-element and distributed filters

AWR iFilter Features

  • User interface enables engineers to quickly and easily design filters
  • Connects filters directly to circuitry
  • Operates seamlessly within AWR’s Microwave Office high-frequency design software
  • Physical layouts are automatically generated for distributed filters
  • Lumped-element filters can be realized using a library of manufacturers’ components
  • Designers can view representations of the filter before it is exported to Microwave Office software
  • Provides feedback on higher-order modes and line widths for common characteristic impedances
  • Warns designers if the desired characteristics of the filter are beyond the capabilities of a specific topology
  • Performs accurate synthesis through electromagnetic verification with AWR’s AXIEM 3D planar EM simulator

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