Synopsys IC Compiler 2010.03

Synopsys released IC Compiler 2010.03 physical implementation solution. IC Compiler 2010.03 offers performance improvements across the board. Early results show that IC Compiler 2010.03 is delivering more than 3X faster runtimes compared to the previous tapeout flow. IC Compiler 2010.03 is available now. It includes a quad-core license enabling multi-core processing as a standard feature.

Synopsys IC Compiler 2010.03 Highlights

  • Up to 2.5X faster performance on multicorner/multimode (MCMM) designs
  • Enhanced In-Design technology for faster design closure
  • Enables signoff-accurate static timing analysis, rail analysis and physical verification during design
  • Production support for all known 28/32-nm design rules for major foundries
  • 2X faster time to initial floorplan creation
  • On-demand loading that offers 2X to 3X faster time to final floorplan creation
  • Includes 2X faster pre-route feasibility engines
  • Generates interactive reports that help significantly reduce iterative cycles during early stages of design
  • Faster MCMM scenario processing
  • Core engine improvements
  • Multimode clock tree synthesis
  • Faster timing convergence
  • Dynamic rail analysis with PrimeRail and DRC auto fixing with IC Validator

Traditional implement-then-verify approaches result in lengthy design iterations due to late-stage surprises. IC Compiler’s In-Design technology dramatically reduces such iterations by enabling signoff accurate analysis and physical verification during design. In-Design enhancements in the 2010.03 release include dynamic rail analysis with PrimeRail and DRC auto fixing with IC Validator. The 2010.03 release introduces a new leakage optimization engine capable of handling more than 20 leakage variants. This is achieved by using In-Design technology with PrimeTime to deliver considerable leakage reduction while preserving signoff timing. This capability, combined with advances in post-route leakage optimization and MCMM leakage scenario optimization, enables IC Compiler 2010.03 to deliver double the leakage savings in half the time.

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