Mentor Graphics Calibre InRoute Design and Verification Platform

Mentor Graphics introduced the Calibre InRoute design and verification platform. Calibre InRoute enables engineers to natively invoke Calibre tools within the Olympus-SoC place and route system to achieve true manufacturing closure during physical design. The Calibre InRoute automatically detects and fixes DRC violations and performs design for manufacturing (DFM) enhancements while optimizing for area, timing, power and signal integrity.

Mentor Graphics Calibre InRoute design and verification platform

Calibre InRoute Overview

  • Olympus-SoC and Calibre platforms improve design quality, eliminate late-stage surprises, and reduce time to closure
  • Invokes Calibre SVRF-based DRC and DFM analysis natively within the Olympus-SoC environment
  • Automatically detects and repairs DRC and DFM violations during implementation
  • Eliminates late stage surprises and unnecessary signoff iterations
  • Improves design quality while reducing time to signoff
  • Provides interactive, incremental analysis, on-demand GDSII model abstraction
  • Performs MCMM-based analysis and optimization during yield improvement modifications
  • Automatically minimizes the impact on timing and power
  • DRC, LVS, LFD, CMP thickness variation, CAA and other DFM capabilities
  • Enables new Calibre rules and features to become immediately available inside the Olympus-SoC design environment as they are added

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