CodeSourcery Sourcery G++, Spring 2010 Release

CodeSourcery rolled out the spring 2010 release of Sourcery G++ for ARM, ColdFire, IA32, MIPS, Power Architecture, Stellaris and SuperH processors. The spring 2010 release helps improve embedded systems performance and makes it easier to get started with GNU/Linux application development. Sourcery G++ is a professional development tool suite for embedded C and C++ developers.

CodeSourcery Sourcery G++ Features

  • Improved Thumb-2 code generation
  • Better performance on the ARM Cortex-A family (25% speed-up on the CoreMark benchmark)
  • Support for the microMIPS instruction set architecture
  • Faster software floating-point emulation routines for MIPS bare-metal targets
  • More efficient code generation for Freescale’s QorIQ processor
  • Optimized core library routines for Freescale’s E500 processor for Linux and bare-metal development
  • Simpler to use the Remote System Explorer (RSE) to debug Linux applications with GDB Server
  • Enhanced support for flash programming via Segger J-Link
  • Update to the GNU Debugger (GDB) version 7.0.50

Sourcery G++ contains enhanced versions of open-source tools, including an integrated development environment based on Eclipse and the Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools, C/C++ compilers, an assembler and linker, runtime libraries, and a source- and assembly-level debugger. Sourcery G++ runs on GNU/Linux or Microsoft Windows hosts (including Windows 7) and supports bare metal, RTOS, uClinux, GNU/Linux or Windows target systems. Sourcery G++ is available in Professional, Standard and Personal Editions.

More info: CodeSourcery