Energy Micro energyAware Profiler

Energy Micro announced the energyAware Profiler energy debugging tool for their 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3-based microcontroller kits. The energyAware Profiler tool reads the kits’ Advanced Energy Monitoring (AEM) system data and enables simple graphical visualization and optimization of application energy consumption and code. The energyAware Profiler Windows software is available as a free download.

Energy Micro energyAware Profiler energy debugging tool

Interfacing via USB with both the EFM 32 Gecko development kit and low cost starter kit, the patent pending energyAware Profiler complements the kits’ on-board AEM LCD display and provides three simultaneous views; a graph of real-time application current consumption, an object code listing and an energy profile of individual application functions.

Clicking anywhere on the current graph takes the user to the associated object code, to reveal the function responsible for the related current consumption. During code execution all application functions are individually profiled and sorted by overall energy consumption. The user can pause the real-time log at any time, scale and scroll-through the current graph and export data for further analysis.

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