Express Logic Safety-Critical Certification Pack for ThreadX RTOS

Express Logic announced market-specific, turnkey, Safety-Critical Certification Pack products for their ThreadX RTOS. ThreadX Safety Critical Certification Packs are available for a wide range of target environments and development tools, and for a wide range of European and International regulatory standards. Express Logic is extending its offering to cover RTCA’s DO-178B, FDA 510(k) Pre-Market Notification and Approval, and IEC-61508 for avionics, medical and industrial automation equipment. License prices starting at $25,000.

With ThreadX and an appropriate Safety-Critical Certification Pack, manufacturers can save time and money, and mitigate their development risk by using a proven, readily-certifiable RTOS for a fraction of the cost of alternate solutions. Turnkey Certification Packs for ThreadX help embedded device manufacturers eliminate months of verification and validation effort in complying with rigorous reliability and safety-critical regulatory standards. The ThreadX Safety-Critical Certification Pack addresses the requirements of many safety certification standards, and is a 100% turnkey solution for certification of the RTOS used in a safety-critical system.

The ThreadX Certification Pack is a turnkey solution for meeting the RTOS-related aspects of standards for safety-critical systems. The ThreadX Certification Pack includes all source code, documentation, coverage analysis, validation artifacts, and summary report for submission to the governing agency as part of the overall system certification. Each Pack is pre-tailored for the specific standard addressed (e.g., DO-178B, Level A), the Operating System used (i.e., ThreadX), and the Target Environment (i.e., processor, board, development tools, etc.).

Typical ThreadX Certification Pack

  • Software Safety Requirements
  • Software Safety Validation Plan
  • Development Plan
  • Configuration Management Plan
  • Quality Assurance Plan
  • Verification/Test Plan
  • Coding Standards
  • Requirements Standards
  • Design Standards
  • Requirements Specification
  • Design Description
  • Unit Test Procedure
  • Unit Test Plans
  • Unit Test Reports
  • Integration Test Procedure
  • Integration Test Plan
  • Integration Test Report
  • Trace Matrices
  • Configuration Index
  • Software Accomplishments Summary
  • Safety Manual

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