Express Logic TraceX/MC Graphical Real-time Event Analysis Tool

Express Logic launched TraceX/MC, which is a multicore enabled and expanded version of their TraceX graphical real-time event analysis tool. TraceX/MC enables embedded developers to visualize and better understand the behavior of real-time systems by showing thread and core activity graphically across a common timescale. TraceX/MC runs on the Microsoft Windows operation system. Licenses cost $1,000 per developer seat, with no license keys required.

TraceX/MC Highlights

  • System events like interrupts and context switches can be seen clearly on each core
  • Ability to identify and study system events, and to pinpoint the timing and core on which they occurred
  • Creates a database of system and application events on the target system during run-time
  • Provides an overview mode display that shows all system events on a single horizontal line to simplify analysis of systems with many threads
  • Speeds application development and enables ThreadX to get products to market faster
  • Execution Profile shows the percentage of execution time spent in each application thread, interrupt routine, and system idle time
  • Popular Services portrays which ThreadX services are most often used by the application
  • Thread Stack Usage details the amount of stack memory used by each thread in the system, enabling better optimization of memory stack allocation and prevention stack overflow
  • Performance Statistics counts the number of context switches, interrupts, priority inversions, and other critical events that occur during system operation

More info: Express Logic