Designing BLDC and Induction Motors Workshops

Infolytica announced two electric motor design workshops. The workshops will present tips and techniques on how to design brushless dc and induction type motors. The first session on BLDC is on May 26, 2010 in Dayton, OH and costs $595. The second session on induction motors is on May 27, 2010 in Dayton, OH and costs $595. A special rate of $995 for both sessions is available. The workshops will be presented by electric motor expert Jim Hendershot.

Designing BLDC and Induction Motors Workshops

  • Sizing of the motor using analytic and other methods
  • Rotor and stator configurations
  • Air gap shear stress
  • Magnet, lamination, and rotor bar material selection
  • Loss and efficiency considerations; Ohmic, hysteresis and eddy current losses
  • Winding types and design; lap/concentric windings, balanced windings, winding factors etc.

The electric motor workshops will focus on practical problems faced by motor designers. The workshops will discuss the design process based on the motor specifications provided by the attendees. MotorSolve, the electric motor design software from Infolytica Corporation, will be used during the workshop to calculate the motor performance characteristics.

Jim Hendershot has over 40 years experience in the field of manufacturing and designing electric motors. He has designed hundreds of motors at United Technologies, General Motors, Clifton Precision, and Berger Lahr & Pacific Scientific.

More info: BLDC and IM Workshops