Nangate Footprint Compatible IPO Module

Nangate launched the Footprint Compatible module. With the Nangate Footprint Compatible IPO module, engineers can close design timing earlier. The tool saves weeks of engineer time and increases frequency performance. The Nangate Footprint Compatible module solution enhances existing standard cell libraries in conjunction with Nangate Library Creator. When used with Nangate Design Optimizer and MegaLibrary, the module results in power reduction and faster timing closure.

The Footprint Compatible module helps digital designers to improve the performance of digital designs and increase the efficiency of the physical implementation process by introducing fine grain footprint compatible combinational cell variants into the flow. The solution is very efficient for late-stage speed and power optimization enabling fine-tuned cell-sizing to be performed even post-route and is P&R tool agnostic.

Using the Footprint Compatible IPO Module solution, leakage power reduction is achieved by performing in-place-optimization (IPO) using fine-grained channel length optimized variants of commonly used cells without disrupting final timing and physical routing. Designs which are very difficult to close on critical timing with traditional flows benefit from late-stage IPO using footprint compatible drive-strength and skew variants, a particularly efficient method that does not disrupt existing metal routing and parasitics.

The module is ideal for the design of CPU core, wireless and networking applications.

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