Zazz Assertion Based Verification Capabilities

Zocalo Tech has added new assertion-based verification capabilities to the Zazz product family. The new options are Zazz Bird Dog, Zazz Metrics, Zazz Visual SVA and user-defined assertion library support. The capabilities simplify and support the adoption of an ABV methodology to improve electronic design and Intellectual Property (IP) quality and increase verification productivity. Zazz Bird Dog, Zazz Metrics and Zazz Assertion Library Support are available now. Zazz Visual SVA will be available in October.

Zazz Assertion-Based Verification Capabilities

  • Zazz Bird Dog
    Analyzes the design and rank orders the most important candidate signals where assertions should be added. For legacy code, performing a manual assessment of assertion requirements for a complex functional block can take days versus minutes with Bird Dog.
  • Zazz Metrics
    Provides the project team with an on-going progress report about the quantity and quality of the assertions added versus the target. Historical reports on completed functional blocks provide a baseline for measuring the value of using assertions to reduce debug time.
  • Zazz Visual SVA
    Provides the ability to create and debug all levels of assertion complexity without learning the SVA language. Visual SVA completely eliminates the long learning time typically associated with becoming proficient writing properties with the SVA language. Visual SVA also provides dynamic controllability of assertions, automatic bind file management and documentation.
  • Zazz Assertion Library Support
    Makes using assertion libraries fast and easy while providing automatic bind file management and documentation. In addition to supporting OVL and libraries from the major EDA vendors, user-defined assertion libraries can now be added to Zazz.

More info: Zocalo Tech