PragmaDev MSC Tracer, Free Version

PragmaDev announced a free full version of the MSC Tracer graphical tracing tool. MSC Tracer can create and edit trace diagrams based on SDL-RT Message Sequence Chart and UML Sequence Diagram standard graphical representations. PragmaDev MSC Tracer is ideal for documenting and analyzing online or off-line dynamic test traces. The free version of MSC Tracer can trace, but the generated traces can not be saved.

PragmaDev MSC Tracer Highlights

  • Easy documentation
    • Edit the MSC traces with the included MSC editor
    • Generate PNG, PostScript and HTML or copy/paste to word processors for easy documentation
  • Conformance
    • Visually compare MSC diagrams to check conformance with a specification or non-regression of your system under test
  • Easy connection
    • Connection to the tracer is done through a socket in text mode
    • Commands are human readable with a possibility of acknowledgement of each information received
  • Integration in your testing or development environment
    • The tracer can be started graphically or in batch mode and control commands can be received through the socket
  • Integration with Real Time Developer Studio
    • Applications generated by Real Time Developer Studio code generator embed MSC Tracer information allowing to directly trace execution on target live through an IP connection
  • Supported platforms
    • MSC Tracer runs on Windows, Solaris, and Linux platforms

More info: PragmaDev