Leti Workshop on Innovative Memory Technologies

Leti research center is hosting a workshop on innovative memory technologies at MINATEC during Minatec Crossroads ’10 events on Monday, June 21. The workshop will explore the latest achievements in semiconductor memory technologies. Topics will range from short-term to long-term memory solutions. The workshop is part of the 3rd Minatec Crossroads ’10 June 21-25. Leti, a CEA laboratory located in Grenoble, is one of the main European applied research centers in electronics.

The Workshop on Innovative Memory Technologies will explore the latest achievements in the field of embedded and stand-alone memory technologies, including: floating-gate, charge-trap, 3D nanowires, phase change, oxide-based, molecular or bioinspired memory technologies.

Leti Memory Workshop Topics

  • Embedded memories for automotive: review and challenges
  • Novel modules for low power and low voltage Si-based embedded memories
  • A stacked SONOS technology with crystalline gate-all-around Si nanowires for full 3D integration
  • New concepts for 1T-DRAMs on SOI
  • Leading edge technology to address the challenges of the convergence scenario
  • Phase change memories for embedded applications
  • Nanoscale switching of resistive memory structures
  • Comparative study of non-polar switching behaviors of OxRAMs
  • From magnetic storage to magnetic memories and beyond
  • Probe storage – how does it work and what might be its applications?
  • Learning with memristives devices
  • Study of polymer memories for crossbar architectures

More info: CEA Leti Workshop on Innovative Memory Technologies