Tektronix Targets Audio Loudness with Updates for Waveform Monitors

Tektronix announced new new firmware and software upgrades for their WFM6000/7000 and WVR6000/7000 Series of waveform monitors. The upgrades support the ITU-R BS.1770-1/1771 specifications. The new firmware and software upgrades include capabilities such as an Audio Loudness Meter, an Audio Loudness Session Display and the first audio loudness monitoring of Dolby Digital Plus audio.

Loudness has become a serious issue for broadcasters and program producers and they have been working to address the problem. In the United States, an ATSC industry expert group has created a “recommended practice” (ATSC A/85), using the ITU-R BS.1770-1/1771 specifications as basis for measurement methods and guidelines on how to make loudness measurements. In Europe, P/LOUD Group of EBU has been working towards a new EBU recommendation on audio loudness. There will be EBU Practical Guidelines which will cover similar grounds as the ATSC A/85 Recommended Practice. Various testing on audio loudness have also been underway in Japan and China to determine local audio loudness recommended practices. Tektronix is providing the new tools required to measure the audio loudness following these specifications and guidelines and provides an approach that can be easily understood by program providers, broadcasters and operators.

Operators and engineers in broadcast and multi-channel video program distribution (MVPD) facilities need to quickly and easily detect and isolate multi-channel audio problems which can cause hefty government penalties or subscriber loss. Content providers need to effectively verify multi-channel audio content in order to reduce potential errors during editing and the format conversion process and ensure the content they provide are in compliance with the audio loudness target level set by the broadcasters which can prevent costly rework.

To address each group’s unique challenges, Tektronix added the Audio Loudness Meter and the Audio Loudness Session Display (including audio loudness trend chart with adjustable display window). Also available is the new Dolby Digital Plus audio decode and monitoring (including audio loudness monitoring) with the Tektronix Metadata display which enables IPTV service providers to improve their viewers’ quality of experience by offering home theater quality audio using the Dolby Digital Plus technology.

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