Remote Network Driver Interface Standard Driver for RTXCusb USB Suite

Quadros Systems introduced a Remote NDIS (Network Driver Interface Standard) driver for the RTXCusb USB software solution. RNDIS gives embedded systems developers an easy way to connect a Windows based laptop or PC to an embedded system. RNDIS for the RTXCusb suite is available immediately in source code as an add-on to the RTXCusb device software. The price for the RNDIS driver license starts at $2900.

Quadros Systems Remote NDIS (Network Driver Interface Standard) driver for RTXCusb USB software solution

RNDIS is a standard in the Microsoft Windows operating system and is designed for use with plug-and-play buses like Universal Serial Bus (USB). Embedded systems need a special library to connect to a Windows-based computer using this standard. When a PC is connected to the embedded system, the RNDIS interface enables a standard TCP/IP connection over USB. The web browser on the laptop can then view dynamic web pages served up by the HTTP server in the embedded system. Such pages could include device status, maintenance schedules, system logs, and other important information.

Quadros Systems provides the software components to support an RNDIS interface including USB device stack, RNDIS driver and the RTXC Quadnet TCP/IP software and web server which makes possible the exchange of Ethernet-like communications. The RTXCusb RNDIS driver is a standard implementation for USB connectivity to a PC or laptop and does not require any custom Windows drivers.

RTXCusb is a suite of stacks, class drivers and controller drivers for host, device and OTG implementations in embedded devices. It supports USB 1.1 and 2.0. This development solution was specifically developed to support the growing number of embedded developers who want to integrate USB plug-and-play functionality into their products. RTXCusb and the RNDIS driver can be used with many real-time operating systems.

The RTXCusb host software supports OHCI, UHCI and EHCI standards side and offers class drivers for mass storage, human interface (HID) and printer. Device side drivers include mass storage, serial emulation and, now, RNDIS. The RTXCusb class driver structure is readily extensible to support other classes and applications.

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