Designing Next-Generation Robots Webinar

TechOnLine announced the Designing Next-Generation Robots webinar. The robotics webcast will take place March 29, 2010 at 10:00 am (17:00 Greenwich Mean Time and 1:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time). The webinar will explore the technologies behind next-generation robots. A panel of industry and academic experts will discuss the latest developments in software, hardware, and materials that are bringing robotic systems to life.

The online seminar is ideal for business and engineering managers, product marketing managers and design engineers in the automotive, factory automation, military and aerospace, medical and consumer products sectors.

From the battlefield to the factory, hospital, highway, ocean and even the living room, robotic systems are becoming more sophisticated and indispensible. But the next decade will see a dramatic increase in the functionality of these robotic systems. Government, university, and corporate development offices are working to boost capabilities in many areas, including sensory perception, mobility, one-to-many command and control, and self-diagnostics.


  • Bruce Hall: President of Velodyne
  • Emilie Kopp: Robotics Business Developer for National Instruments
  • David Barret: Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Design Director of the SCOPE Program at Olin College in Wellesley, Massachusetts
  • Michael Fleming: Michael Fleming is CEO of TORC Technologies

More info: Designing Next-Generation Robots