EB Tresos Busmirror Cluster Emulation Tool, v2010.a

EB (Elektrobit) introduced a new version of the EB tresos Busmirror cluster emulation tool. The latest version of EB tresos Busmirror extends the capability of performing real time cluster emulation from FlexRay into CAN networks as well. The cluster emulation is complemented by the new EB 2100 hardware interface. An open programming interface allows custom-developed software modules to be integrated into the EB tresos Busmirror or the EB 2100.

EB tresos Busmirror cluster emulation on the PC and in the vehicle (Elektrobit)

Developers can now use the same tool for both FlexRay and CAN simulations. Although EB tresos Busmirror 2010.a now supports FlexRay and CAN bus systems, its performance remains at the familiar high level. Thanks to open programming interfaces, the solution is very easily integrated into different host systems like Windows or Linux. The tool also includes drivers for the ETAS Labcar and NI/LabVIEW (RT). The EB tresos Busmirror 2010.a cluster emulation tool is compatible with the hardware interfaces for the EB 2100, EB 6100, and EB 5100.

The new EB 2100 hardware can also be used for time-critical applications in cluster emulation. Due to the difficult requirements of safety-relevant systems for FlexRay, real-time-capable hardware must work in synch with the FlexRay bus. To make that possible, time-critical calculations are carried out on the EB 2100.

The EB 2100 has been consistently developed for use in the workstation, meaning that comprehensive functionality essential for in-vehicle hardware like the EB 6100 could be excluded in the EB 2100.

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