EMA Design Automation CircuitSpace 4.0

EMA Design Automation introduced CircuitSpace version 4.0 for placement and design reuse. New and enhanced features of CircuitSpace 4.0 enable designers and engineers to reduce cycle times and increase overall design quality. The flexible replication and reuse capabilities enable developers to fully leverage design IP, even if there are differences between designs. Pricing for CircuitSpace 4.0 starts at $2,400 (1 year time based license, 1,200 part version).

CircuitSpace Version 4.0

  • Template viewing
    The template viewer is a complete graphical user interface (GUI) that enables the designer to see the parametric information for each component along with an image of the template. This allows designers to review their reuse template graphically before they apply it to the design order to ensure they are applying the correct IP for the circuit.

  • Cluster mirroring
    The ability to mirror clusters (automatically connected groups of components) allows templates to be applied where the master component is mirrored, application of a template etch to a cluster that has been mirrored, and the ability to propagate the etch to/from clusters that are and are not mirrored.

  • Swap cluster command
    The ability to swap two cluster positions by selection has been added to more effectively evaluate and revise the placement of a circuit. This command gives the user the ability to perform “what if” scenarios in an effort to optimize the placement and ultimate routability of the design.

  • Support for AutoClustering based on a PDF version of the schematic
    Users now have the ability to AutoCluster based on a PDF of the schematic. This feature broadens the functionality of the AutoCluster command to include users who do not have access to the original schematic file.

  • Enhancements to the Compare Checkpoint report
    The Checkpoint Compare report describes a PCB’s current state, summarizing clusters, members, and nets. This report has been enhanced to include testprobe information, and the report type sub-fields are now user selectable at the component, net, and cluster level.

More info: EMA Design Automation